Top Brass Bullet 50-Feet New Expanding Pocket Hose

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Pocket Hose is toughest, most convenient hose yet, the new Top Brass Bullet is made from seamless, no tear biaxial braid micromesh fabric. With a lifetime guarantee against kinking or tearing, this powerful multipurpose garden hose includes an upgraded ¾ inch diameter tube for a powerful stream. Tough grade solid brass connectors and no kink connector protectors eliminate leaks. Turn on the water to inflate into a full-sized super hose; turn off the water and watch it shrink back down to a lightweight pocket hose for easy storage. Pocket Hose Top Brass Bullet squeezes itself dry and allows you to water, wash, and spray with no winding, coiling, or muddy messes.

  • Top Brass Bullet Expanding Hose makes it easy and effortless to water your garden without getting tangled up in a cumbersome hose
  • Tight seal technology prevents water from leaking out via the brass connector
  • Expands when filled with water to twice its size
  • Won't scratch, crease or tear
  • Includes brass spray nozzle with 3 adjustable settings