TV USB Entertainment System For Home

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Get Access To Over 5000 TV & 50,000 Radio Stations Anytime! This TV USB gives you access to over 5000 free internet TV stations and over 50,000 radio stations! Just plug TV in, and turn any computer into the most incredible entertainment system ever! Now you can watch thousands of internet cable TV shows on your computer for free, whenever you want! The TV USB fits any PC, desktop or laptop and easily installs in seconds. As long as you have internet access, you can watch TV stations on your computer!

Watch as much internet TV as you want, anytime you want - there's no limit to how much you watch! Just plug in the TV USB, select a country or state & simply click on what TV station or show you want to watch - it's that easy. Use TV at home, at work, on campus, hotel rooms or at the airport. You'll never be bored again! Watching TV on your PC has never been easier.

In total, there are currently somewhere around 5000 channels available through the TV section of TV USB, including over 25,000 full episodes from popular and classic TV series available on-demand 24/7. TV is constantly adding new channels, episodes and other video content, so these numbers grow on a daily basis.

These include the following and so much more: Current and Classic TV Shows Original Web Series Worldwide TV Channels and Video Sites Local US TV Channels and Video Sites Sports Video Sites News Stations and Video Sites Tech Video Libraries Children's Programming Most premium movies are available for as low as $1.99 per rental.

The TV Movies section is broken down into sub-sections based on genres, including the following genres and many more: Popular Foreign/Independent Sci-fi Horror Documentaries Classics Seasonal Midnight Movies Pay-Per-View