Vibro-sage Sport Exercise Fitness Waist Trimmer Belt

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Vibro-sage Sport Exercise Fitness Waist Trimmer Belt

Weight loss 

Improve metabolism
To improve blood circulation 
Ease tired muscles
Helps to reduce pain and stiffness 
Relieve muscle tension and even restore flexibility
Often with can contribute to the waist, spine, hip, knee, arms and legs, thighs, shoulders, etc. 
Open Size: approx. 135 x 12 cm 

Fasten your safety belt on the body, adjust the tightness suitability 
Set the power of the allocated power adapter, then the AC adapter jack head access belt 
Press the ON / OFF control switch, and then select the strength 
The product can be directly inserted into car 12 V socket smoking 
Plug specifications: 

US regulations 
Not Suitable For The Following User: 
Patients with pacemakers or metal implants in bone 
Pregnant women 
Within 6 months after surgery
Excessive menstrual bleeding in women
Renal failure patients