Warm Amber Light To Guide You Through The Night Perfect For Bathrooms Home Accessory

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When entering a room, this amber night light gradually illuminates over three seconds, giving tired eyes time to adjust. Just like that, you're left with a soothing blanket of amber light that makes it easy to see and navigate your surroundings! Traditional bright white ceiling lights are harsh, making it difficult to fall back asleep. That's why this product emits a warm colored light, specially designed not to disrupt sleep, so you'll always have the ideal lighting for getting up during the night and early morning. This is more than just a night light. With built-in motion and light sensor, it will only activate in the dark when motion is detected, filling any space with a warm amber glow and automatically turns off to conserve battery life. While ordinary night lights require an outlet, this product is completely wireless. It's so simple to install, just peel and stick!

The COB LED: emits a soft 30 lumens to guide you through the night. Ideal lighting for late nights & early mornings in bathrooms, bedrooms, & hallways
Motion Sensing: Turns On & Off Automatically - Night Sensing: only activates in the dark
Wireless: Uses 4 AA Batteries (not included) - Mounts Easily with Screws or Peel & Stick