Waterproof Digital Cameras with Bags and USB Cables

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Waterproof Digital Cameras may look like a simple point-and-shoot camera, but it is also designed to withstand depths of up to 10' underwater. With its 10.1MP CMOS sensor, 8x digital zoom, and HD video recording, this is also designed to make it quick and easy to shoot both photos and videos above and below the surface.

A built-in flash and anti-shake technology allows you to capture images in low-lit conditions, like those often found underwater. Never miss a shot simply because the light is too dim. With a 2.4" rear LCD display, taking photos and changing menu options is quick and easy whether you're standing or swimming. You can also capture close-ups on land or underwater with the macro mode switch.

No matter what you're shooting, all of the photos are stored on removable microSD memory cards (sold separately) and the camera is easily powered by convenient AAA batteries. 

Note: These Cameras will be shipped without box.