Waterproof Weather Resistant Security Camera for Indoor & Outdoor

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With this system you can record 720p high quality color video during the day, then at night the cameras will automatically switch to night vision mode with built in infrared LEDs providing illumination up to 20 meters from each camera. 
With Power Over Ethernet technology,a single network cable is needed from each camera to the recorder, carrying both power and video data. When the cameras are plugged in, they will automatically be configured and assigned a channel on the recorder, making setup a breeze.

Indoor/Outdoor Camera, Weather Resistant, Night Vision Distance up to 65 feet, Power Over Ethernet 
Sensor: CMOS
Storage: External DVR/NVR 
Features: IRCut Technology
Device Color: Gray
Enclosure Color: Gray 
Lens Mount: Integrated Lens
Lens: 4.0mm View Angle: 70 Degrees 
Resolution: 1280 x 720 
Microphone: Builtin microphone
Sound Input Mode: Builtin microphone 
Power Supply: 12V DC Physical