Yoga Aerobic Pilates Foam Block Brick Home Exercise Rounded Edges

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This high-density foam yoga brick has rounded edges and corners to provide additional comfort and an easier hand grip.
Lightweight and easy to carry between classes, it's a popular choice for yoga studios, home practice or travel.
Bricks are ideal for adding lift or grounding in all manner of poses. They can help stabilise and add height in standing and balancing poses, or placed between the knees to activate the outer leg muscles.

● Lightweight and easy to carry
● Could be placed beneath the hands, feet or buttocks
● Improves stretching and the strengthening of muscles, posture and physical suppleness
● In your yoga practice, it seems not to be a kit only,but just like a part of your body,it helps you balance all pose you need
● Suitable for: Providing non-slip support and lift in asanas
● Not only a yoga practice kit but also a part of your body
● Washable and could be used for many times

● Material: Non-Toxic EVA
● Colour: Light Blue/Purple
● Weight: 86g(0.19lbs)
● Size: 22.5x14.5x7.5cm

Package included:
2x Yoga Brick